I. D. Obot, A. E. Archibong


The purpose of this compendium is to survey why many buildings in Nigeria collapse, during or after completion, and find remedy against future occurrences. The method used here is the stock-taking of occurrences as reported in media. It also takes into account the field – book reports by the authors as they ventured out in the field to interview some architects. It was discovered that quite a number of these cases are never reported for fear of sanctions. The findings were that governments don’t make such sanctions public. Moreover, the use of quacks in the building industry had contributed in no small measure. Conclusion therefore was that, Government must develop stiffer measures on defaulters and get consultants and contractors registered. All registered consultants (architects and engineers) must be made public and Quacks must be made to find their ways out of the building industry. Draughtsmen should not claim to be architects, engineers or builders.

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